Under the guidance of renowned Montessori  Trainer  of the country,AMI member,NAMC trained Mrs.Sushma Subba (Lama) all the teaching staff are certified Montessori trained from sister company(BEST’S)Montessori Training Centre. Dedicated employees are recruited with decade teaching experiences.Teachers are trained to make the teaching  materials according to requirement and theme.

Since 25  years in teaching,Mrs Lama has decorated herself with different methods of early childhood training,non formal education,Montessori 3-6 years to upper Elementary Montessori Training till date.Being a renowned professional Montessori trainer.She is famous amongst her trainees for  being their personal counselor ” Anyone can be a trainer” says Mrs .Lama “It is not that i teach only the prescribed curriculum in my class but also change the concept of a traditional teacher into a scientific system by implementing different psychological aspects,human values,social response,most importantly the cosmic  Education.”