Now Government Pre-schools tagged with Best’s Montessori curriculum

“Spreading knowledge of how the child, immature and struggling to discover and develop his own power.”


Since the implementation of the Montessori Method, especially in pre-schools, are increasing day by day not only in private sectors but also in government schools. The importance and the value of early childhood education (3-6 yrs.) in Montessori Method have been realized from the grass-hood level.

In previous days government schools used to have ECA classes without appropriate curriculum as per children age. Consequently the value of the class turned into an indoor play room without any fruitful academic results.

Montessori Method of practical education built a child the real foundation of education. Montessori practical teaching materials and curriculum build a solid foundation upon a child to continue his/her further study in higher level.

Recently 13 government pre-schools of Barhabise Municipality and 2 schools at Bhotekosi Village development committee at Sindhupalchowk district,has been tagged with the curriculum of  Best’s Montessori as well as we provided free basic Montessori training to the respected teachers of the concerned schools  

The best’s team is always eager to support for those are interested  to implement the Montessori Method of education in government schools.

We supply & provide:-

  1. A complete set of international standard Montessori teaching Materials.
  2. Montessori teachers’ trainings. (Online or directly training)
  3. Practical teaching training at our Montessori schools.
  4. Montessori practical curriculum throughout the year according to class.
  5. School, Montessori laboratory set up, class furniture, school /class decoration, carpeting, in and outdoor play items.
  6. The franchise agreement.
  7. For more  details  please contact:-Best’s Montessori Franchise Department.Mob:- 9866247932, Ph. 977-4001814 / 4001645, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

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