The age between 2 to 6 years is considered to be the most sensitive and important period in human life. Out of all the Montessori philosophy with its practical teaching materials, child will develop physically, emotionally socially and intellectually through different sensorial practices. The Montessori  way of educating the children are carefully designed the utmost care upon child’s will without distributing his/her flow of interest in any subject matters. Academic development , especially in the traditionally way of teaching , will not support for a child;s entire life but a holistic development is required to become a complete human being. Patience , love , care of environment , dignities are the key elements which are implemented in the method. The method helps child to unleash his hidden potentials and talents as he explores and learns with his own interest.

Our Montessori teaching materials are toxin free and imported from certified manufactures from different countries around the world. All the Montessori materials are carefully designed for child to study. Each and every object has its meaning , intention and the way of utilizing it through which a child can develop his/her personal skills and the careful uses of sensorial organs , rather the way materials , intentionally made to arouse curiosity and concentration in the child’s brain.

The philosophy of Montessori Method is mainly based on the child’s freedom with carefully designed and structed environment called “Children House” where children play, observe , learn under guidance of trained teacher without stress and pressure. The curriculum is especially designed to meet the international level with national curriculum on practical basis. We do not recommend or use particular book to use as main subject curriculum. Printed books are used as supplementary that limit the arena of study so we develop our own curriculum.Montessori Method believes the entire universe is curriculum(Subject to study). The method forms a combination of theory and practice. It is about the ideas, principles, techniques and materials that inspire , inform and guide all Montessori programs in practice when the teacher interacts with children. Irrespective of practical materials, different fields trips and project works are organized according to subject to feed their curiosity.