BEST's Montessori Chain of Pre-schools

Educational Director Mrs  Sushma Subba (Lama) renowned Montessori Trainer who is trained by NAMC Canada and started  with her main retain to spread  all over the Nation and make the people aware about the importance of early education of the child and she became founder President of Montessori Association Of Nepal,for more convenient to the people and to honor of request from many intellectual of the Nation she started training center in the year 2005 and till now about 5000 trainee,successfully completed their training,another main thing is  Not only training but also she has been solving unemployed problem of the Nation,hence   most  of them are working under the Best’s Montessori chain of schools as Montessori teacher.Under her leadership with delightful team she has been established six children houses along with Elementary school in the valley and more than 26 schools have been tagged with BEST’S curriculum as franchise including 15 Government schools of BARABISE & BHOTEKOSHI.

Since long time She is very actively monitoring and helping to the orphan and helpless  children,known as BEST’S CHARITY and  many children has been obtaining support for education,shelter  and everything they need. 



                              Message from Principal             

One would like to know in a few clear words what this Montessori Method really is. If we were to eliminate not only the name “Method” but also its common conceptions, things would become much cleaner. We must consider the human personally and not  method of education. For the term “method” , we should substitute something like this: “Help given in order that the human personality may achieve its independence, “or “means offered to deliver the human personality from the oppression of age-old prejudices regarding education. “The defense of the child , the scientific recognition of his/her nature, the social proclamation of his/her rights, must replace the piecemeal ways of conceiving education.

To explain this,there exists an example of a mother eagle. The mother eagle makes its nest at the end of a high mountain cliff where its offspring hatch and grow; the mother nurture its young ones with great love and care until one day it leads the little ones to the edge of the cliff and gives them a push. This push forces the baby eagle to fly. This push puts the little one under compulsion to grow up and soar to the heavenly skies and fly to distant land experiencing the beauty of this universe. This push can be given only with the strength of mind and confidence. Attachment and over indulgence can never enable the child to grow into an adult stage. In this living world everything is active. In our most recent courses, in face, we call the child, “Man”.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Notice updated 24/02/2021


“Wherever you shift your child does not have to change school”

Under the management of Baishali Education System & Technology (P) Ltd, (BEST) registered under the government of Nepal, is founded with the prime view of introducing and implementation of a scientific way of education in early childhood Education in the year 2005. The company is mainly focusing its system in Montessori method of education which is broadly accepted all over the world.

At present we have six children Houses (pre-schools) & 26 franchise schools, 15 schools at Sindhupalchok & Bhotekoshi rest within the valley  & different part of Nepal.
Name list of Sindhupalchwok / Bhotekoshi & other  franchise 
  • Kuleshwor-Ph 4283554
  • Battisputali-Ph. 4490402
  • Dhumbarahi-Chabahil-Ph.4430860
  • Samakhusi-Ph.4389192,
  • Sinchahiti (Patan)-Ph.5003539
  • Mandikhatar Ekata Busty Ph.4377784 and
  • Nepal‘s first Montessori Elementary school at Lazimpat (Ph.4001814/4001645)

An Internationally established Montessori Training Center at heart of the city, Putalisadak-(previous) Now sifted to Kuleshwor Ph.4031691 running different training successfully since 12 years. We have trained more than 5000 Montessori teachers working in and outside of the country.








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Dr. Maria Montessori (The Founder of Montessori Method)


Born in Chiaravalle in the Province of Ancona in 1870, Maria Montessori was the first woman to practice medicine in Italy, having graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rome in 1896. As a physician, Dr. Montessori was in touch with young children and became profoundly interested in their development. Through careful and exhaustive study, she realized that children construct their own personalities as they interact with their environment. She also observed the manner in which they learned as they spontaneously chose and worked with the auto didactic materials she provided.

Her approach to education stemmed from a solid grounding in biology, psychiatry and anthropology. She studied children of all races and cultures in many countries around the world, soon seeing the universality of the laws of human development played out before her. She continued her observations throughout her life, widening and deepening her understanding until her death in 1952.

Maria Montessori with her spontaneous study in education started her own method which we call it today the“Montessori Method”. In her own word; “It is not true that I invented what is called the Montessori Method. I have studied the child, I have taken what the child has given me and expressed it, and that is what is called the Montessori method.” So, with her scientific study she opened her firstCasa dei Bambini (Children’s House) in one of the very poorest areas in Rome in January 6th 1907.

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